Accounting Services - Somerset, NJ

The Accounting & CPA Exam Tutoring Service LLC is not a Certified Public Accounting firm.
We're a professional accounting service that works closely with our clients to understand the nature of their business and assist them with their accounting functions. Whether you're starting a business. Or, have been in business for some time we offer a variety of accounting services to sole proprietors, LLCs, and corporations.
Owning a business can be complicated getting started. Each business entity has its own accounting and tax structure, and personal liability. So, it's important to know the nature of your business and how it functions. We understand the accounting and tax structures of the different business entities and can assist you with forming your business. If you're newly formed or are restructuring your business, we can help setup your books.
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Our accounting services are performed by qualified accountants with experience in various business industries. Our services include accounting, management reporting, financial statement compilation, and other accounting related functions.
  • Accounting - we can assist or maintain your general ledger, prepare schedules, and reports needed to analyze your business.
  • Management Reporting - we can prepare schedules and reports needed to analyze business operations, perform financial statement analysis, prepare tax schedules and other management and filing reporting.
  • Compilation of Financial Statements - we can prepare income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, statement of retained earnings, consolidated financial statements, budgets, forecast, and other related financial statements.
Whether you're a sole proprietor, LLC or corporation, we would like to offer our services to help you manage and run your business.