Business Formations - Somerset, NJ

Owning your business can be a rewarding experience and complicated getting started. Each business entity has different tax benefits, business advantages, and personal liability. So, it's important to understand the nature of your business and how it works. For those interested in forming a business with do-it-yourself kits, we suggest seeking the advice of your accountant before proceeding. A business formation involves registering your business with State and Federal authorities. The documents should be prepared carefully and reviewed by your accountant and lawyer whether you do-it-yourself or have someone else do it.

Here are some things to consider when starting a business. It's a good idea to have a business plan. The business plan will help you setup the structure for forming business. Second, seek the advice of an accountant and lawyer when deciding the type of entity that is right for you. Sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, and limited liability company, etc. have different liabilities and benefits that should be discussed before proceeding. Three, deciding how to setup the accounting and bookkeeping records and what software should be used. Four, it's important to know your tax responsibilities and filing requirements. Speak with your accountant/tax preparer to help you manage this aspect of your business. And, five, obtain an accountant, attorney and financial advisor to help you navigate through the process of forming your business and setting it up. The Accounting and CPA Exam Tutoring Service LLC has advised many businesses get started. And, has seen the financial burden it can place on a company if not setup correctly.
The Accounting and CPA Exam Tutoring Service LLC understands the accounting and tax structures of most businesses. We can help you decide which business structure is right for you. And, help you file the necessary papers. We have a partnership with a nationally known
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business compliance service who can assist us in forming your business. Or, serve as your registered agent and do all the work for you. We can also assist you with drafting agreements, by-laws, issuing stock certificates and more.

The Accounting and CPA Exam Tutoring Service LLC can serve as your accountant and tax preparer during the planning process of forming your business. We can also help set up your books, perform bookkeeping and accounting functions, compile financial statements and reports needed to manage your business and file your tax returns.
Forming a business can be complicated, let us help you form yours!